Saturday, April 14

Why I Run

Running is my exercise of choice.

I am not an outdoorsy type, but I hate the gym. I feel confined. I am not super familiar with many machines, and I don't care enough to find out. I also wouldn't go enough to justify the cost. Running is easy. I don't need anything more than a good pair of shoes and my iPod.

I run because:

1. I can easily track my progress. With Nike+ GPS, I can see how much I have run. My fastest mile, 5k or any other milestone are marked.

2. I'm not concerned about time. This is one of my biggest issues with gyms. I keep looking at the time and can talk myself out of not finishing what I originally set out to do. When I run, I do it until I'm tired.

3. I don't feel uncomfortable. The treadmill makes me feel as if I'm going to fall. I can't get over that feeling. 

4. It's a good time to think. I'm not as easily distracted. There are TVs and other people running right beside or in front of you at gyms. Outside just doesn't feel this way, and it creates the perfect environment to just think.