Monday, December 10

Hairdo Inspiration

Jazz up your hair with something as simple as a glitzy headband.
The holidays are the perfect occasion to dress up, which means you may have to rethink sticking your locks into a plain ponytail. Here are some cute, seemingly easy ideas:

1. The neat bun with flair: The twists on each side of her hair add a bit of interest to an otherwise plain (but very neat) bun. 

2. The dressed up messy bun: The bun is not perfect, but it still looks very polished with the addition of that sparkly headband. And for those that don't like putting thought in the jewelry, the headband does all the heavy lifting. 

3. The braided up do: Straight on this might not look very interesting, but on the side comes an unexpected braid. The bonus part of this hairdo is that it still allows you to wear big jewelry that doesn't necessarily fight for attention with the hair. 

4. The sweet bow: This is perfectly on theme for the holidays, and it doesn't require a lot of work. 

5. The no-fuss hair: There isn't too much to this hairstyle. French braid the front part of your hair, and leave the rest loose.