Thursday, January 10

Best Exercises Apps

About a year ago, we posted about apps that help you stay on track, so today we wanted to focus on apps that give you exercises ideas and help you push your workouts further.

1. Workouts/Cardio/Simply Yoga:
These are just three apps from one series. You can choose a workout of 5 to 10 minutes, and you can decide whether you'll do a complete workout or a few exercises. The app has videos, so you will have someone who is doing the exercises with you along the way. Each video has a few tips beneath it to help you do it correctly. She even gives you a little break between each exercise so that you can see what's coming next.

2. Fitness Buddy
This app has pictures of exercises, with an explanation of each step. The pictures of the slides move back and forth, so that you can see what it looks like. It's a pretty lengthy list of exercises to help you switch things up. Some of the exercises require equipment. 

3. Nexercise

This app rewards you for exercising. You can win prizes the more you exercise, so while this is more of a place to add your activity, it's also a good place to interact with others. It has a strong community, where you can seek advice or even find some great music to help motivate you.

4. Nike Training

Just like app No. 1, Nike Training gives you workouts. You can either get lean, get toned, get strong or get focused. Then, you can choose an exercise that matches your fitness level.

5. 10K Free
This is a great training tool that takes a couch potato to capable of running a 10K.