Tuesday, January 8

How To: Get Giovanna Battaglia's Style

It's hard to pinpoint Giovanna Battaglia's style because she is such a style chameleon, but we can still give you some ideas on how to do your best Giovanna Battaglia.

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Start with loose layers and comfortable shoes. Her casual style is slightly disheveled but still put together. And it's perfectly suited to getting things done. And though most of these outfits are on the mild side and mostly are neutral colored, she will switch it up once in a while and wear something that is colorful, too. 

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It's all about the shoe. Whether it be the studded Valentinos or just super high heels, the dressy and girly outfits revolve around the shoe. For times that she's dressed monochromatically or in neutral colors, the heels end up being what keeps everything from looking stale. While the shoes always complement the outfit, they aren't about being too precise and matchy matchy. And the girly looks are hardly ever too saccharine. She finds ways to give to spice them up a bit.

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Go for things that are a little unconventional. Dresses with boxy shoulders and skirts with fruit on them aren't particularly pretty or easy to pull off at any age, but they sure do draw attention. Anyone can achieve this same look with a few tips, such as mix two vivid colors, wear sunglasses that have a bit of personality to them and don't be afraid to brave shorter hems. The important thing is looking and feeling confident. 

Her style is definitely one you want to follow. Best of all, she's not afraid to be seen in items more than once. It's always executed in a different way, so it always feels fresh.