Friday, February 8

NYFW, Day 1 (FW13)

Day one is easing us into the frenzy that will follow the next few days.

And we saw everything from new beginnings to the growing of a brand and more established designers, but we just narrowed it down to two of our favorites.

Creatures of the Wind

This growing brand came to prominence through its punk aesthetic, and while it is only hinting at it now, it's not exactly the most conventional. Shane Gabier and Chris Peters were drawn to artificiality, which was seen in the vinyl and glossy poly film they used in place of leather. And it also echoed itself in the way the clothes were constructed. There were lots of different turns as it went from one color to another or one material to a new one. Still, there were some well constructed, solid-colored pieces that balanced out any of the more detailed ones.

Behnaz Sarafpour

Stiff skirts and boxy jackets with rounded shoulders give it a Space Age feel that is almost juxtaposed by the sleek shapes. It turns out that they, too, have a slivers of nontraditional fabrics tossed in. The theme of the collection was "Artificial Beauty," and technology was at the forefront with its high-tech fabrics. Waterproof Neoprene, which was used on dresses, flared skirts and tops, was the standout. For something that isn't entirely focused on the female form, it was a surprisingly feminine collection made up of ladylike looks. 

*All images from Style and WWD