Wednesday, May 1

Bow & Drape: A Colorful Assortment

When it comes to summer dressing, one thing is for certain: Versatility and color will get you through the difficult temperatures.

That's why we were particularly attracted to the Boston-based Bow & Drape. While its Spring 2013 collection will manage to brighten up a rainy day, it's the fact that you can customize pieces that will bring some happiness to your day. Choose everything from silhouette to color to trim details, and you have just built yourself a one-of-a-kind item. Of course, if that's not your style, then rely on the brand's impeccable take on basics.

We were fortunate to chat with Aubrie Pagano, the founder and CEO of Bow & Drape:

Filed: Chic: What was the inspiration for the spring collection?
Aubrie Pagano: I was very inspired by the resurgence of color and femininity in the 1950s, a la Dior’s New Look. The silhouettes are flattering to curves and totally voluminous. I can envision our clothes worn on a walk through the Tuileries.
FC: Colors played a prominent part of the collections, especially with the LBD (the little bold dress). Are there any colors you stayed away from?
AP: This sounds obvious but we kept to spring colors and the basics. (The blacks and whites of the world.)

FC: What kind of woman are you trying to attract with your clothes, and particularly with your spring collection?
AP: Our clothes are for women who want to look beautiful, feminine and effortless. The clothes are easy to wear and transition well from the office to the friendly nightcap. I envision our women to be on the go, and this collection allows them to look great and feel comfortable no matter where they are going next.

FC: How long has Bow & Drape been around? 

AP: We have been live five months.

FC: Was the idea to always have a customizable option? How did that come about?

AP: The catalyst event was in June 2011. I was looking for a dress to wear to a family wedding, and nothing fit the bill. I was so frustrated with the lack of choice off the rack and the lack of quality online that I did something totally irrational and actually designed and sewed my own dress.  It took about a month and after the event was over, I convinced myself that I was not the only woman who wished she had more say over her fashion. So I set out to create a custom experience at off-the-rack prices.

FC: Do you find you are more popular through this customizable option or through your actual collections? 

AP: Absolutely the customizable features. Almost no two orders are 100% alike. Women have individual style and they want to express it with our clothes.

*All images are courtesy of Bow & Drape.